Saturday, August 29, 2009

April 2009

Dear friends,

We have great and exciting news about Florica. Remember a few months ago we were telling you that our grandmother decided not to give us part of her property so we could build a church there and that we were still going to look for other opportunities. We believe God has great plans for that village and we are able to see that very clearly. A while ago we were able to find a house in the center of Florica with land in size of 12,920 sq.ft. We took a big step in faith when we signed the pre-contract for the property, as we didn’t know if we were able to gather the whole amount of money on time in order to pay for the full contract.

We asked many churches in Romania to pray for this and support the ministry in Florica and there were many who responded in a positive way to our need. We are thankful to them. We would also like to express our gratitude especially to Denver Baptist Church as you were the ones who encouraged and supported us financially to take the first step towards buying this property for the Church in Florica. Thank you all who prayed for this. God was faithful and we managed to get the entire amount we needed and last week we signed the final contract. Praise the Lord for this!

A lot of work is still to be done on the property to arrange the courtyard and the interior of the house, but slowly we will get this done as well. We took a team of 10 men there today and we already started to do the changes.

Rejoice with us for God has done great things in Florica and He continues to work in that village. Our prayer now is that God will raise a missionary who would move to Florica with his family and live there. We are thinking about a student from the Baptist University in Bucharest, but we will pray and let God guide us through this journey. Please join us in your prayers.

In Christ Jesus,

Pastor Ion

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