Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Summer 2009

Dear friends,

This summer has been so great for us. We had teams visiting us and a lot of other events taking place in our area. Here is a short update:

In June 12-27 a team from Cedarville University from Ohio visited our church. Being accompanied by their professor, Dr. Dave Gallagher, the 4 students taught computer classes to children in four different villages - Maneciu, Cotofenesti, Bratasanca and Pitulicea. The goal was to also share the gospel and they did this by presenting it in a simple manner and easy to understand.

On July 4th we had a youth meeting at Maranatha. We had a wonderful worship time with young people from Buzau, Prahova County and Bucharest and Pastor Dwight Stone (Bucharest) had a very encouraging message for us.

In July 10-17 we had a team from Denver Baptist Church, NC lead by Pastor David Sexton. They split their work between leading Bible studies and fun activities for children in Bratasanca and Miner Village and working on the house we bought in Florica as church building.

In July 24 - August 3 a team from First Baptist Church Harvester in St. Louis, MO was here. They have done a wonderful job by ministering to children in the mornings in different village and connecting with people in a park in Campina in the evenings. We all have been so encouraged by this ministry in the park and we had positive responses from some people we met. A few ladies even came to church the next Sunday, but unfortunately they never came back. We went to visit them, but they didn't want to speak with us anymore. So please continue to pray for them, that they would open up their hearts to the Gospel.

On July 25th we had a big celebration in our family. It was the day when Emi and Cami started their journey together as a family.

In August 2-7, European Christian Mission (ECM) Romania organized a conference in Rau Sadului. A lot of the young people from Campina area churches attended this conference and we came back being refreshed. We had a blessed time studying about Zorobabel, Ezra and Nehemiah.

In August 24-28 we organized a mission in Comarnic area. Volunteers from Golgotha and Maranatha churches walked on the streets of Comarnic, Posada and Nistoresti and shared the Good News to all those who were open to listen to them. 274 people heard the gospel during that week. The next Sunday we had a special service to celebrate what the Lord had done. 2 people out of the 274 were in the church with us. Praise the Lord!
Here are some pictures with Stefan and Florin sharing stories from the mission field. We were glad to have Florin with us on mission. He lives in France now together with his wife, Monica, and their beautiful daughter, Sara.

"I was excited to be able to go and tell others about His love. What we did this week was just a small part from God's ministry, but we had to do it". (Stefan)

"I was glad to meet people on the streets who had no Bible and be able to offer them one. But I was sad to hear people mocking God; I know that God loves them too". (Florin)

We enjoyed very much having you here. We have been blessed by spending time with you, getting to know you and working together with you. Thank you all for giving up your days off, your vacation time and coming here to serve our Lord. Everything you did is very much appreciated and we look forward to working again with you in the future!

God bless you all!

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